An author, I suppose, must sometimes make reference to the medium on which his words are presented to the world although I never heard of Shakespeare or Cervantes reporting where they had obtained paper. I do remember Ovid or Livy mentioning that he wrote on leaves of papyrus from The Land of Kermit with the quill of a common goose and the gall of an oak. What an image!

Now it is the New Age and the paper is the message (McLuhan) only in this case the paper is a photoluminescent screen that goes dark and light to represent letters, photo’s and other symbols of communication.

May I direct your attention to the search pane up in the right hand corner? There is an aperture where one may type words and then by striking “enter” find them among all the rest. It is a kind of automatic scanner that relieves weary eyes of the task of searching pages and pages for a remembered reference. Neat, huh?

There is another neat feature of this kind of electroleaf and that is the arrangement of the words, “Previous” & “Next” just below “Search”. It’s like having vertical and horizontal pages in a book and what a concept that is! If you find yourself on any of my pages (our pages, really, because you are everywhere) you can turn to others in the horizontal plane just by ‘clicking’ or ‘tapping’ on one of these two words. The vertical access is, of course, a matter of scrolling “down” the page by whatever means you prefer. In this way, one can read every page in this growing book from any starting point at all. Amazing but (for some reason) it does not appear on every page. We’re working on that problem right now.

So! There is some business to attend to. Someone has noticed our growing coterie and decided to cash in on it if possible. The someone in question hijacked one of my videos in order to promote a mobile ‘phone application. My chef (son) brought it to my attention and wondered if it would fool a neophyte. Not wishing to take any chances with my amateur status (I am a Board Qualified Professional Amateur in the 6th Degree) I referred the matter to my engineer (son) who dealt with the situation by ‘taking down’ the highjacked video and replacing it with a succinct notice of regret. Sorry, but it had to be. I hope none of you were fooled by this transparent attempt to profit from our labors and skim the cream from the lymph of wisdom and optimism.

Thus, there is renewed urgency to put up the new videos as soon as the edges are sanded, a coat of turpentine and flax oil is applied and the surface waxed to a high sheen with the paste we use on the chopping block for sanitary reasons.

That’s pretty much it for now. Keep the faith and keep spreading the word; we can do it if we try!

Much appreciation all around for your patience and forbearance,

Yours truly,

DrPangloss (not a ‘real’ Dr.)

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