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That which seems complicated is made simple.


Thank you again, Friends, for your very positive responses. It is very humane of you all to consider my feelings in framing your statements in the most positive way and leaving me little to do by way of retuning toward optimism.


Our mascot, Voltaire, sometimes used a positive statement as a figure of fun so he could illustrate the bankruptcy of a world where one may pursue happiness (it’s a right!) but never attain it. One must be very clever to make an end run around a shrewd critical thinker and I can spot a man of straw at a great distance; he’s wearing my old clothes, making him look very familiar. L. Frank Baum used him to good effect to show how even a brainless field hand can help out a Princess in need. Baum’s prolific use of Jungian-style symbols is his most endearing aptitude.


Today, we have before us a question about vitamin C and what might be the proper form to bring about the best result in the human soma. Irwin Stone wrote a nice piece on that very subject and he treated it as a question in biochemistry. If I paraphrase him it is because his statements are clear and memorable; I am not appropriating his work but incorporate it into my thinking by reference. Here goes:


Vitamin C was named as the cure for scurvy before it was even clear what it was or what it looked like. A was the cure for eye problems, B was the cure for pellagra and the cure for scurvy was next in line. Several people are responsible for the early work in C, especially Casimir Funk who probably owned the first vitamin company on the planet. The hypothesis was that the tiny food fractions just then being discovered at the turn of the 19th Century were important to the maintenance of good health and that faulty food and not germs or evil spirits were to blame for blindness, dementia, loose teeth and beer-battered children. When vitamin A was identified, all kinds of blindnesses were discovered to be due to a simple vitamin A deficiency. When the vitamin was added as an extract or when the diet was adjusted, sight returned rapidly. When B (a galaxy not a star) was discovered to be deficient in the Southern (U.S.) diet, additions of certain cheap and plentiful foods to the menu emptied the insane asylums literally overnight. Sailors already knew that lemons quickly cured scurvy but the subtle energy present in the juice was not identified until the 1930’s. It was also present in oranges and elsewhere (mainly fruits) but the first efficient extracts were made from fresh paprika by (of all people) a Hungarian polymath named Albert Szent-Györgyi de Nagyrápolt. He was puzzled by the form of the molecule and identified it as an essential sugar, naming it god-knose because of his confusion. His lab partner warned him about reckless impiousness so he renamed it ig-nose (because he was ignorant of what kind of sugar it might be) but his partner nixed that too so they settled on hexuronic acid which they obtained in small amounts from Chicago slaughterhouse viscera (the paprika method came a little later). The ‘-ose’ suffix identifies a sugar in the nomenclature of chemistry.


In the end, vitamin C was the moniker selected by the scientific community since it fit right into the existing pattern. Stone said this was a mistake because, first, it is not a vitamin and second, it is required in significantly larger amounts than any vitamin now known to science. If you think of it as if it were just another vitamin, 50mg ought to be about the correct amount to take every day. However, our buddy, Fido, makes 100 times more than that for his everyday operational requirements and, if I may say so, we are not very different from our best friends. One orange or a glass of lemonade will keep frank scurvy at bay but it will not prevent the myriad of symptoms sometimes grouped together as “sub-clinical” or “walking” scurvy. Gingivitis and periodontitis are but two examples of common symptoms of sub-clinical scurvy that are treated as distinct disease entities. The list is a long one.


In the bio-chemical factory called here, Homo sapiens faber, there is a defective supply line that exists ab initio, making it a true birth defect. The missing element is called GULO and it is an enzyme that completes a multi-stage conversion process from glucose (called blood sugar) to ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Without that completion, mankind makes insufficient vitamin C on his own for survival and will surely die within 20 circuits of the moon of a disease called SIDs if precautions are not taken. Fortunately, according to Dr. Kalokerinos, this disease is 100% preventable by the addition of something like 1/4 teaspoonful of Myrciaria dubia or Emblica officinalis powder by mouth each day and forgoing vaccinations of any kind until the immune function is fully established and humming. Lemon water, potato squeezings and a couple of other common food items will also prevent SIDs. The more you weigh, the more you need.


As you might have noticed, vitamin C is recently the subject of much heated debate mainly because it is misnamed. If we were to see it as an essential sugar like galactose, we would consume as much of it as we do table sugar and all the health problems associated with vitamin C deficiency would be resolved in one day. Go ahead, there’s nothing to stop you from keeping a Swanson Diet Diary® (SDD) to record every morsel of food and drop of beverage that enters your mouth for a full week (see Benedict). At the end of the period, you go online to the analysis pages and determine exactly how much table sugar or other non-essential sugars you routinely eat and then begin to take a equal dose of L-ascorbate (the preferred term) in the form of pills, powders or liquids. That is the easiest way to avoid the usual symptoms of human subclinical scurvy. Some people fudge by asserting that apple sugar is not the same thing as beet sugar but that’s a quibble. For that matter, you could say that a thong is not a bathing suit. From the point of view of your Swanson Diary®, all sugars (except essential sugars) are equal. Since bears in the Fall fatten up on fruit sugars, if I wanted to lose some fat (or at least not add any more) I would avoid all sugar-laden fruit especially when it arrives in the form of a pie (sob!). Since dietary fats contain no sugar, are satisfying and poorly absorbed, I would eat all the fat I wanted, just not on a doughnut with ketchup and mayonnaise. Of course, as Budwig has proven six times, one would do well to avoid the processed, heated and hydrogenated fats and stick to the good ones. Meat-eaters should learn to eat the whole animal instead of just the muscle cuts (Mowat). That way the B and C vitamins in the viscera will be available to bio-chemical processes for maintaining both physical and mental health. Grain-fed beef was invented to convert surplus grain into larded steaks, an economic boon to areas where the pastures had been converted into wheaten monocultures and the surpluses were piling up. Besides, steak produces more profits and can move around on its own (for a while). At the same time, grass is cheap and most people throw it away or smoke it so I say, let the cattle have it! That said, it must be added that comparisons between African and European beef indicate that when bovines are fed principally grains and hay, they get fat. The African cattle that are pastured in wooded meadows don’t get fat and their meat is therefore much healthier for human food. As the food processors invade even the barns and feedlots, “civilized” cattle become more and more unhealthy when they are fed abattoir wastes and chicken house droppings and pass their infirmities on to the customers without very many ever realizing what is amiss. Mark Purdey had a good deal to contribute to this subject and should be consulted by prudent omnivores.


Anderson of the U.S.D.A., working with Indian colleagues, discovered that taking capsules of Cinnamomum aromaticum powder reduced blood sugar in Homo sapiens muncher. I looked at that interesting fact and wondered where the sugar went. Did it convert into fat as is normally the case when there’s a surplus in the blood? Nope. The people who took the Chinese cassia capsules actually became slimmer! [Whoa, Nellie!] Research done at Malmo and Rochester (Minn.) returned mixed results but the hypothesis they advanced proposed that cassia powder capsules assist insulin in doing its work. An interesting side-effect was noticed, namely, cholesterol readings went down! My hypothesis is that the cassia used in the study was helping to convert glucose to ascorbic acid, which is decaloric® (my sister’s word). I think Embilica officinalis does the same thing and maybe Myrciaria dubia also. Further study is needed, wouldn’t you say?


Hank Newbold says that he has had the best luck with the dull version of ascorbic acid crystals. They don’t glitter. Lendon Smith says you should buffer your ascorbic acid with sodium hydrogen carbonate and that’s what I do when I use it. Add water and the lemony result is fizzy L-ascorbate, a salt which the body recognizes and puts to use without much further ado. Myrciaria dubia can be very sour or quite tame. If acidic, I will add a bit of Na(HCO3) to adjust the balance. I keep my Na(CHO3) in the icebox so the butter stays sweet. Al Szent-Györgyi discovered that absolutely pure ascorbic acid didn’t work very well against pneumonia and that a contaminated sample worked much better. When he investigated the contamination, it turned out to be a residue from the paprika which he teased out, analyzed, identified as the substance which today we call “the bioflavonoids” and won the Nobel Prize for being such a devout and observant boy. He called it “vitamin P” (guess why). Good sources of this are any chili pepper, buckwheat, and a bottle marked “rutin” (another sugar) or powdered apple peel (AOC, New York) on the shelf of the grocery store. If you add some buckwheat to a pancake recipe, the food value skyrockets! Fresh wheatgerm makes the pancakes go farther and if you drizzle them with cinnamon honey, guess what happens then? The kids may complain that you ruined the pancakes, but the fat ones will eat them anyway. HeHe. Serve scrambled eggs too; hold the ketchup.


There are other sources of L-ascorbate and ascorbic acid but the ones already mentioned are the best for everyday use. Ideally, we would want to convert our blood sugar on demand to make whatever vitamin C is needed but I wouldn’t go messing around with the human genome unless I were J.X. God, any more than I would go messing with the U.S. Constitution unless I were T. Hartmann and, that said, if the cassia does in fact help convert sugar into ascorbic acid, I’d consider that to be a major breakthrough for obese humanity. Keep in mind that we are not super sized because we are eating heartily, but rather because we are eating so badly. We are not getting the nutrients we need from faulty food so we are cribbing on everything that can’t slither away in time. People who used to crave crushed ice have substituted blue freezer pops. ALERT! There is no food that is blue except in Wonkaland® and freezer pops will add inches to your figure just as surely as Buffet adds figures to his ledger. Instead of cribbing on faulty-food items, why not just eat better? I know substantial food is expensive but, if you save the cost of one doctor-visit and one prescription drug by eating well, the bill is paid. N.B. If you cruise the web the way I do, you will soon discover that Chinese cassia contains a fraction that tends to thin the blood. This is a good thing if you have thick blood (thicker that what?) but might cause problems if you are already taking a blood-thinning drug. Fortunately for you, True Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum verum) contains only traces and shouldn’t be a problem. A related effect is the tendency for L-ascorbate to lower insulin requirements in diabetic people. If an insulin-injector takes some L-ascorbate and then injects, the blood sugar might go too low so keep the orange juice handy. To recapitulate, I know it’s like trying to train a pig to dance, and even though it will probably irritate him, you should make some attempt to inform your M.D. of what you are doing in case he wants to monitor the situation. Cassia might be an answer for diabetic people although it must be taken into account that there are two types of the disease: one is caused by a birth defect and the other is degenerative. I have not yet seen a study where the two types are compared using cassia but, stay tuned.




Dr. Rath weighs in by suggesting that millions of years ago, Homo sapiens molestor, or one of his ilk, was affected in some way and a gene was damaged—perhaps it was a stray cosmic particle—with the result that blood sugar could no longer be converted into ascorbic acid in vivo. The damage (see LaMarck) was passed on to his descendants and conferred an advantage of some kind because it has since become ubiquitous. We may surmise that the advantage was that it reduced the energy requirements of the plumbing by eliminating a process requiring the expenditure of energy and the energy could then be focused on activities better to foster survival. I hypothesize as follows:


Given that there are ascorbic acid substitutes in the diet of the afflicted species in certain geographical areas, in this case, citrus and other fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs and plant materials, the loss of endogenous production wouldn’t have been problematical. The surplus blood sugar, amounting to as much as half of the amount eaten and produced by digestion of foods, could be diverted to cerebral functions and structures, namely the brain. Since the brain contains a lot of fats (hence the expression “fathead”, meaning smarter than me) we would see the brain enlarging because the resources were available for it to do so and adaptions geared to a larger brain would be favored. The larger brain would contain more room for synapses and the upsurge in glucose would provide additional fuel to run the thing at an increased speed of conversion. But that wasn’t the half of it! More sugar in the blood allowed for increased locomotion and the new version of Homo could run further and faster than his rivals after toothsome game and move quickly away from dangerous situations. If he couldn’t kill it, he could at least outrun it. A third advantage was the tendency to convert surplus sugar via glycogen into adipose tissue. Since fat storage increases the chances of survival by providing fuel for times when food might be scarce, heavy set Homos would be more likely to make it through a long winter like our friends the bears do. In the Spring, they would be up and att’em, ready to feed the family and teach them what they need to know to beat out the competition. To summarize, we have the advantages of simplified plumbing, adequate exogenous substitutes for the lost endogenous chemical, more fuel for rapid and sustained physical responses, additional raw materials for improved structures, and the capability to store energy for future and prolonged use. So how does it happen that virtually the whole Human species shares this trait? And, shouldn’t we expect to find a remnant population with the old chemistry? More on that later.


But let us address in the meantime the question of how the species Homo sapiens scorbuticus (scurvy-prone man) became not just the dominant form but the only surviving form (as far as we know). Easy; just set off a huge volcano and the ensuing famine and ice age will kill off all but the most fit. Well, we have one that fits the description. It is Danau Toba in North Sumatra and if the geological record can be relied on, the eruption of ca. 70,000 B.P just about killed off the entire human species and a lot of other things too. The eruptions continued for many years and eventually the flora and fauna were nearly extinguished. Among the survivors (a remnant, if you will) were as many as 15,000 Homo sapiens scorbuticus or as few as 15 families. They eked out a living by eating dried fruit, jerky, sea vegetation, fish, shrews, nests, mosses and voles, producing sufficient glucose to survive but existing in a continual state of subclinical scurvy which was not enough to kill them but enough to shorten their lives considerably, to about 40 years. They were sufficiently robust to couple, produce offspring and, with a profound commitment to the welfare of the group, survive to train their children in the ways of the world before they were gathered to their ancestors. Surviving relatives cared for the orphans and success was always dependent on cooperation and a positive attitude. Since it was quite cold, the ability to hang on to fat was a huge advantage. Some hardy animals survived, among them sheep (important for wool), goats (important for meat and milk), cattle (important for milk, meat, fat, bones, hides, mobility and muscle power). Above all what was needed in livestock was a peaceful disposition because Homo was in a state of chronic weakness and would have found it difficult to hunt widely for “wild” animals or control and restrain unruly or disobedient ones. There is no evidence that Neanderthal ever mastered the art of sewing winter garments and the superior tailoring skills of Scorbuticus may have been the edge he needed to survive. Our preoccupation with “fashion” may be a vestige of this vital talent. There is evidence that Scorbuticus could envision future events and prepare for them while Neanderthal lived in the Continuous Now, competent to react to present events but unable to see enough of the future to provide adequately for it. It is likely that Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon had larger cerebral capacity, but the ability of Scorbuticus to burn glucose as well as ketones made him the intellectual fast-burner in the game of Life®. Scorbuticus eggheads also saw the advantages of domesticating animals to keep them nearby and very probably noticed that they would imprint (as Lorenz reported) on their human keepers and not stray far from “mama” if proper procedures and ceremonies were followed at birth or hatching.  The plump goose girls of Old Austria merely sat down in the field and no fences or corrals were needed to keep their flocks nibbling in the grasses around them. In short, the numerous, ingenious little tweaks that were invisible to their rivals were obvious to them. Adios muchachos


Then, as the years passed, the weather warmed and the glaciers receded, hardy Scorbuticus extended his range. In the North, the new foods he depended on for a meagre supply of dietary ascorbic acid were proving inadequate to sustain his life. The resulting die-off went virtually unnoticed because a new kind of Homo was emerging. He was the herder who depended on his cattle for milk, cheese and curds, rich in fats and replete with cholesterol, an important precursor for many of the body’s chemical processes. One effect of subclinical scurvy was reported by Maeda who found that scorbutic (knockout) mice, when kept on a diet poor in ascorbic acid, developed a human-like condition that was not different from atherosclerosis. Ordinary mice were immune. What she observed was a layer of cholesterol and calcium coating the interior of the arterial structures. She related this condition to the fact that collagen is not properly formed in scorbutic mice and arterial walls are weak and subject to leakage. Somatic cues marshal blood-borne fatty substances and calcium to form protective plaques which prevent seeping and prolong normal functioning, sometimes for years. As the damage continues, the plaques accumulate until, eventually, they occlude the vessel and, if a stray clot forms and lodges in a constriction, a heart attack may occur and result in death. In our herdsman, the arteries begin to leak from an L-ascorbate deficiency that can’t be made up in the diet, but the plentiful supply of bovine cholesterol allowed apolipoprotein (A) to combine with calcium in the blood and maintain the vessel in an operating condition for a long time, certainly long enough to raise the kids and see them married off to their cousins. Nature had found a work-around for patching up scorbutic, collagen-compromised vessels. Nowadays, of course, we plan to live forever and the obvious way to do that would be to conquer sub-clinical scurvy at long last and not substitute cardio-vascular disease in it’s place. The problem is that our medics are well trained in emergency response but have absolutely no training in prevention unless you call high blood-pressure medicine and slow-walking “prevention” (they help). You bring the medics a heart attack in acute stage and they leap right in to save your life. You show them a heart burdened with malfunctioning, scorbutic structures and mushy collagen and they haven’t a clue what to do (transplant maybe?). If you don’t mind irritating a medic, ask him if he would recommend L-ascorbate (and niacin) to prevent heart attacks and see what he says. One medic remarked that a passing bus might do just as well as vitamin C (truly a classic Dr. Dictum®). They also advise use of cholesterol-lowering drugs like that’s going to help.


So… now that we have come this far and you have paid your dues, you are to be rewarded with some direct answers. A company called LivOn sells a liposomal form of ascorbic acid that is said to be 8x more effective that plain (buffered?) ascorbic acid. Great in an emergency. They have other liposomal products that will change the face of supplements unless they are driven out of business for emptying the hospitals and wrecking the economy. Levy has written a book on the subject that I recommend to anyone interested in living beyond fourscore and 10. He explains that since cells are formed from fats (Warburg), it makes sense to use a fatty acid vehicle to carry nutrients to the cells. The invention can also protect L-ascorbate from degradation by heating as in bread baking. Lately, Sardi has disclosed the Pdazzler method for making liposomal ascorbic acid in the home for all the Julia Childs fans who like to make their own Egg McMuffins® too. An L-ascorbate product useful in acute cases is Ascor L 500 by McGuff. Riordan has published a complete protocol with cautions. I heard by the grapevine that the company (McGuff) has been warned by the F.D.A. (Fellows in Darling Accessories) that since the IV-type of L-ascorbate is a drug they must stop shipping it or face sanctions since it is used as a cheap substitute for various patented cancer treatment chemicals known to be toxic by the state of California (how can a state know anything?). Dach has written a piece on how a farmer was saved from certain death by H1N1 with Ascor L 500. The vets can use it all they want and Klenner hooked up his patients to a drip whilst awaiting the test results.


DrPangloss. [The eldest legitimate brainchild of Francois Marie Arouet]

El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles

October 14, 2011


Dear Friends,
(please save this .pdf to disk and read it at your leisure)


There’s a river somewhere (in Austria?) named after us. Actually, it’s more of a ditch and Paine said he could smell it a mile away. —Alois






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  1. It is little doubt that this is the best singer in the world! What makes a singer isn’t their appearance, it’s their voice! I don’t like when people judge singers on things that just aren’t that important. Remember, they are entertainers, not presidents! Let them do their thing and enjoy the music!

    • Dear Ally,
      There are about 30 thousand words in common use, another 30 in intermittent use and the rest are used occasionally or, if arcane, seldom or not at all. The grand total of defined words in the English Language is more than 600,000. English words are more numerous than the Gods of India which are said to number in the millions. Wordsmiths have a field day in the merry meadows of morphemes.
      Best wishes,

      • You need to get at least 1200 calories per day or you’re going to slow down and try and hold onto fat. Yes, you will lose weight, but look at anorexics! They lose a ton of weight by restricting food and end up looking like string beans. Eating more healthy calories and doing regular exercises will work better than this. Khouloud

        • Dear Khouloud,

          All true, but the Quality is the more reliable brother than Quantity. I would recommend the work of Burkitt and Trowell on the subject of the type of food eaten versus the weight.

          D P Burkitt, et al. Some geographical variations in disease patterns in East and Central Africa. E Afr Med J . 1963; 40: 1.
          H C Trowell. Fibre and irritable bowels. BMJ. 1974; 3: 44.

          Trowell made much of the fact that dense foods have a way of challenging the digestive tract and leading to laxatives and lethargy. Roy Walford wasn’t so concerned about density but urged people to eat considerably less than is found on most American plates. Burkitt said that by adding fibre to the diet, perhaps in the form of oats and oat bran, the desired result could be easily obtained. Cathcart opined that an L-Ascorbate deficiency can exacerbate constipation and leads us to use oat bran with wisdom and be sure to take enough L-Ascorbate to keep ‘regular’. Reporting on a clinical study, Burkitt listed as many as a dozen diseases that were resolved by adequate fibre in the diet. No other changes were made.

          A calorie of fat will hardly absorb at all while a calorie of sugar will be totally merged with the body with no further ado. When dieting, the size of the limbs and trunk should be a guide to progress rather that the weight. Use a tape to measure how well your diet is working, not a scale. As fat is replaced by muscle, the weight might not change much because a cc of muscle is heavier than a cc of fat, but the size of the thigh will alter considerably as the fat is burned and deleted. If sugars are avoided, the body wisdom will draw down on the fats to produce energy and warmth. If frequent snacking on carbohydrates has become a habit, new habits, like regular meals, should be formed. The fat can’t go until the blood sugar is maintained low enough to stimulate the production of ketone bodies from adipose tissue. Not too low, mind you, but not high.

          The tin miners of Cornwall used to eat 2# of bacon for breakfast and nothing else until a supper of potherb gruel, oatcakes and tea. The Irish farmers could polish off 10#-12# of potatoes every day and not put on an oz. Both practices kept the fellows alive and working for the requisite 40 years after which time it was considered humane to make way for the youngsters. They were lean and mean and had a powerful thirst, but stayed quite healthy as long as they didn’t eat like the townsfolk. When the Potato Famine hit and the potatoes became inedible, their overlords supplied them with maize (Indian Corn) and the Irish who didn’t emigrate invented new types of scurvy to die of. Potatoes, you see, supply quite a bit of vitamin C and the corn doesn’t.

          As to the scorbutic tendencies of the Cornish miners, little is known of them and their bacon diet. Perhaps someone will bring me up to date on that.

          Keep it simple, live, love, laugh and be happy,


      • Dear Rowdy,

        You noticed! There is a type of thinking that Fuller called regenerative thinking. It goes beyond rehashing because it is the process of amalgamating everything you have learned in the last month with everything you knew before, like compost. It works best if you keep adding new stuff and putting the good stuff out where it can make things happen.

        He also described “omnidirectional thinking” which is where you attach every thought to its links and check to see if the effect is relevant to the outcome. On the web, this is called hyper-linking and you know you’re doing it right when you come back, surprisingly, to the original thought by the back door, as it were. So far, even a massively parallel neural network-powered difference engine on a silica substrate has not been able to do this surprisingly. Question: can the eye think? Does it get Alzheimer’s and see crazy stuff or forget how to see altogether? Ask your PC that one.

        A third type of thinking (analysis) is called “bitting” where you take as your point of departure ALL KNOWLEDGE and then, as the first step, eliminate the half that is irrelevant to the problem at hand and then keep doing that until you are down to only the data that bears on the problem and hey!, presto!, it solves itself. You finalize by writing down the problem and its solution as the new point of departure.

        Yet another approach is the Woody Allen Method (WhAM) where you collect everything you know into a bundle, put a loop around it, step away and look back at it. That act creates a new reality, a fresh consciousness, you might say, a de nova vantage point from which to view reality. I find it refreshing.

        If you can do these kinds of thinking, you are on your way to being an Ontologist. Let me know when you get there and I will grant your degree, suitable for framing. And, yes, this will be on the final exam.

        You are on the right track!


    • Dear Jere Amour,

      Great name…an author’s name. Think of the possibilities!

      The Great One (he thinks he’s great, anyway) said that our wisdom is like a candle. Not only can it shed light and improve visibility, but it can light another candle. People were invented not only to light candles, but to want to light candles. I want to.

      Your appreciation is much valued,


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    • Dear Backlinks,

      Thanks for the link, I’ve got all I can handle for the moment. My son says that I should vaporize the unoriginal traffic, but I can’t tell which ones are unoriginal and which are original.

      Maybe you can help. I’m here…


    • Dear LeVitra,

      That’s good: brief and to the point.

      I have written a book on the subject of saccharopleonexia™ and plan to publish as soon as I’m happy with it, which is not yet.

      In the meantime, please consider reading The Innocent Eye by Herbert Read as that should give you quite a bit to go on. Also, Dr. Mathias Rath has written a book about his work with Dr. Linus Pauling and I think it’s available as a .pdf download on the www. He has missed a few key points but not anything that diminishes the correctness of his thesis.

      If you are following developments at CERN, you will know that the Large Hadron Collider, has been taught to levitate baguettes in order to confuse scientists who are not trained to see floating bread. In addition, it has measured the speed of neutrinos and found them to be on their way somewhere only to arrive before they left. They’re certainly not welcome at my wedding. This is very bad for both Newton and Einstein because they are not around to defend their theses and have to depend on people who don’t believe that French bread can float even if they have seen it with their own eyes! Poor chaps.

      Thanks for the testimonial…they’re easy to take…


      • Thank you, I’ve been searching for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have come upon ’till now. But, in regards to the bottom line, are you positive concerning the sources of your enlightening posts? What I don’t get is how you came by your approach. Are you a lot more smartly-favored than ordinary people or is it something anyone can do? You are so intelligent.

        • Dear Jay,

          The bottom line is transparency. When you have read and collected the facts (as well as they can be known) and then integrated them with everything you know (mostly) then the ‘bottom line’ [conclusion] will shine forth like a beacon.

          If you want to check up on me, I have given all the references somewhere on this site and, in addition, I have sprinkled keywords like savory chum to attract you to the mysteries of the www. Like a good father, I will hand you the bamboo pole with the line, the hook and the bait, and I will proceed to fish myself. When you see how it is done, you will bring your own intelligence to bear and catch more fish than I do! That is my satisfaction.

          Fish around and see what you can take home for dinner.

          Inspect the little ones and then let them go, o.k.?

          Your friend,


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    • In the early days of civilization and of this utcnory as well, most people ate few fruits and vegetables of any kind. They did however eat the flesh of wild game. The fresh flesh of wild game contains large amounts of lipids (naturally occurring organic compounds-fatty acids) that were high in vitamin C, D, A, B and flavonoids (flavonoids are a large family of compounds synthesized by plants that have a common chemical structure.) The mountain men/frontiersmen of the 18th and 19th century ate no fruits or vegetables for many months of the year, if rarely at all. They never had a problem with scurvy what so ever, because they lived on wild game, consisting mostly of herbivores and their flesh contained high values of the necessary nutrients listed above as a result of constantly eating plants. Their flesh then transmitted the necessary nutrients on to those who ate of them. It is not necessary to eat anything other than they did. The key ingredient here is that the meats they ate came from fresh killed game, that was not processed in anyway, other than smoking. Those who traditionally died from scurvy did so because the meats and foods they ate had been processed considerably or contaminated, thus killing the basic ingredients for life. Those in this class were sailors or those stranded in places where fresh meat, fish, fruits or vegetables were not available. If your talking of being in a survival mode , you can grow your own plants that can be dried and later made into teas. Many teas and mint, high in the necessary nutrients you need, can be grown almost anywhere in this utcnory, dried and stored in old used glass jars with tight fitting lids. This too was quite common in the early settlers of this utcnory. If you are drinking fresh water and eating fresh meat, scurvy is not even a consideration. I have to admit though, I like my vegetables and I do process for storage and dry many different kinds. Variety is nice and is not outside the reach of the average person to accomplish. Those who keep chickens and rabbits for survival (or just living day to day) can and should feed them fresh hay, cut while still green and put up dried, will receive the same nutrient value.It is true: Fate favors the prepared . (Socrates) Most people in the world are not prepared for tomorrow, let alone the distant future. The same applies to the vast majority of those in this utcnory. My father spoke of this 60 years ago and I thought him to be a little radical . Now, I realize he knew exactly what he was talking about. Remember one basic thing about human nature: If you possess the means to survive and live well, there are those who did not plan and they will go to any lengths to take it from you even if they have to kill you for it! History has proven this to be true, over and over again, throughout the ages. Right now in this utcnory we have millions of people who have never done anything to prepare for their future, so they have elected those who will come and take it from those who have worked, saved and prepared. It’s called: Sharing the Wealth the ages old story of the grasshopper and the ant comes to mind. So beware of letting anyone know you are prepared or you’ll be the next target of their avarice.

      • Dear Danyy,

        Your insight is breathtaking and much to the point. I thank you for honoring my scribblings with your wisdom and a practical analysis. I cannot find anything in your report that is not true.

        Perhaps you will allow me to add something to it. Yes? Good…

        I wondered how the sturdy Eskimo managed to survive the wild, snowy ice fields without succumbing to the scurvy illnesses until he began to shop at the Hudson’s Bay trading post. I studied the diet common in the realm of the Inuit and made some interesting discoveries. When an ungulate is killed, everything is used except the toot! Why waste what the Great Spirit has given? When the antestomach is opened, there is a veritable salad there, replete with vitamin C, enzymes and many other useful food fractions. Yum! Of course the visiting Norsemen had their religious convictions and somehow knew that people who ate that stuff were devils or worse! That’s why the outlanders often died of the scorbutic illnesses. Too bad for science. Since the lettered travelers wrote the histories, it became a tautology that Eskimos were badly nourished and sickly.

        There is much more to say, but there is a start. Do a crude analysis that includes the contents of a reindeer’s or a caribou’s stomachs and eyeballs (good for stiff knees) an you will see how well our Northern Neighbors were taken care of.


    • Dear Ron,

      I can only take credit for approving the setup the way Mitt Romney approves those ads. (Just kidding) But seriously, my approach to health and nutrition was begun as an experiment to see what would happen and it turned out, after some tweaking, to be better than just acceptable, just like the website. My son, who generously gives me his old computing equipment, has been very helpful and the giants on whose shoulders I stand took their jobs just as seriously. My son is a PA and so is quite used to keeping the “talent” lookin’ good as well as the producer satisfied that he will probably have some scratch in the box when the dailies are back from the lab, the gig is in the can and it’s a wrap…smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em… Have I caught the essence of the relationships? Good… Our job is to ‘look good’ and take care of what we have been given. What we ate is a big part of what we are.

      In the near future, as time permits, there will be more pictures and so forth, not just as ornaments to good ideas, but as catalysts to promote and develop productive exchange. I plan to introduce my book here as soon as it is ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille.

      I hope you stay with us for a while. I put up a new posting today but haven’t gotten confirmation that it is sticking the way it is supposed to. I am a professional ontologist, but an amatœur everything else so I may fall back on my areas of inexpertise without making specious excuses.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence,


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    • I’m on a now (day #4), which is probably imislar. Search the net for lemonade diet or Master Cleanse . You essentially drink lemonade all day and take no solid food (read the book or instructions this is not your run-of-the-mill sugary lemonade). I’m loosing about a pound a day. is recommended for 40 days (to achieve maximum health and immune-strengthening benefits); 10 days minimum. I don’t feel hungry. I had a headache the first 1.5 days, but now I’m perfectly fine, full of energy, and NOT HUNGRY!!!

      • Dear Schwarz,

        Day four! Congratulations. A short fast of four days is a boon to the health. If it becomes tough, don’t hesitate to break-fast and take a breather, always remembering to start again when strength returns. Never give up.

        In the meantime, see if you can find something about Carey Reams on the www. He was a genius and a humanitarian besides a bio-chemist. He may have discovered the lemonade trick and he discovered why it works. There’s a cation in lemons that, when mixed with spring water and drunk, fools the body chemistry into signaling, “we’re fed, you can relax”. You need to maintain normal metabolic functions or the body goes into famine mode and the conservation urge kicks in. Once that happens, the fast becomes a slow. One thing to remember: the best lemonade is made with lemons and water…that’s it! Add sugar (or ‘sweetener’) and the whole exercise is a draw between what you want and what the body thinks it needs to do to save you from starvation. Dufty’s book on Sugar Blues and Benedict’s Cowboy book tell the parts of the story left out of the magazine articles. Read both at the Library and get back to us if you have time.

        If you read a bit online from the Dr. Wallach pages, you’ll learn something about the kinds of food supplements that can help you through an extended, modified fast. He also talks about how to correct the errors of the past and feel good every day.

        Keep up the good work!


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    • Dear Mike,

      Thanks for the thought, but I have a money and imagine that others might need the extra one{s) you have on offer. Frankly, I prefer an old money to a new one. The old money is so satisfying and hardly ever wrinkle when you wash them.

      As I am a collector of some things, I have a money or two from a previous incarnation, namely China. It is lovely with a dragon and a dead president and quite shiny when freshly polished. The children like them because they have heard how valuable a good one can be. One boy took his to McDonald’s to trade for a burger but the flippers couldn’t make change and didn’t want the whole thing just for one burger. He would have taken all of them but that was not an option. I suspect they feared for his health.

      Your friend,


    • Hi, Mike,

      Have you read about Arnold Palmer’s new career as a beverage entrepreneur? Talk about an inspiring story!

      I’d like to see his recipe adjusted. Think how many more people would drink his mixture if it made the extra inches go away.

      If you see Arnold, let him know for me that there is a better way and he has a big responsibility to protect the value of his name.

      Best to you,


      • Posted on I’ve been absent for a while, but now I rembemer why I used to love this site. Thanks , I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your web site?

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    • I don’t know about the but I know how to eat healthy.For bkasrfaet have a bowl of healthy cereal (with two percent) and some fruits. If you can include a 1 mile jog.Lunch should be anything low on fat but rich in nutrients.For dinner try to cut the red meats to a few times a week (beef, pork). Include a salad or some vegetables.As a snack have some fruits or low fat yogurt.It is IMPORTANT to follow the food pyramid and have a balanced diet. DON’T skip out on nutrients like some do!

      • Dear Guillermo,

        You are so correct…don’t skip the nutrients. So many people I talk to are eating less food to lose weight (and inches) but in the process they are getting fewer nutrients. That can’t be good. What are we to do?

        The informed experts who study these matters and draw conclusions say that it is a good idea to take some supplements or at least some foods that are particularly rich in nutrients like organ meats and brewer’s yeast (not baking yeast).

        I like to eat gently pan-sauteed vegetables and thin slices of beef in a rich broth. For a little later, how about a nice omlette with onions and chicken liver rolled up inside. If you keep the heat low, a sandwich made of spelt bread with cheese and salsa, heated through enough to melt the cheese and served with salted, sliced tomatoes and carrots is a real feast for the unjaded.

        Bon apetit!


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    • Dear Jason,

      I appreciate your offer but at the moment I have all I can do and be fair to the really focused people who help me by clarifying things that might not be obvious.

      A friend of mine of long standing has some secrets that take a webpage to #1 in the ratings published by Gou-know-who. He’s good. When I get a little too enmeshed with my own brilliance he threatens to put me at number one and then see how bright I am. That’s a threat I take seriously, wouldn’t you?

      Keep me in mind, though, You sound friendly and that’s good.

      Best wishes for every success,

    • Dear Jason,

      I think this must be a duplicate although who can be sure? Perhaps if you check your records the situation would become clearer. I’ll give this message a day or two and if nothing happens, I’ll feed it to the goldfish; they love them.

      Be good,


    • Dear Jason,

      Thanks for the update. My money is intact and brings me pleasure so I suggest that you give a money to the ones who want one.

      As soon as I figure out the method, I will post a picture of my money (obverse and reverse) so you may appreciate it too.

      Yours truly,


    • Dear Cialis,

      You’re right, of course. It would be good to promote the tides and emulate their regularity. I’ll do what I can.

      In the meantime, I try to potentiate every word so that language can be a self-regenerating force that continues to communicate even when it isn’t regularly augmented…like a poem that can be reread and still offer something new. [poems coming! —Ed]

      Do you have time for a poem (or two…it’s hard to tell…)?

      Epigrams from the Ming Dynasty ‘Discourses on Vegetable Roots’. [The original author was Hung Tzu-Ch’eng, or Hong Zicheng, (1572-1620), a Chinese philosopher about whom little is known.]

      Since the Void is not void, a fond illusion of life is not true, and a bitter disillusionment of life is also not true. Let us ask Shakyamuni what to do. Since to live in the world is to retreat from the world, an indulgence in desires is a suffering, and a suppression of desires is also a suffering. So we must in good faith hold on to our integrity.

      Whether time is long or short, and whether space is broad or narrow, depend upon the mind. Those whose minds are at leisure can feel one day as long as a millennium, and those whose thought is expansive can perceive a small house to be as spacious as the universe.

      Human feelings are frail; the ways of the world are rugged. When a man cannot go forward, he should know how to take a step backward; but when he can go on, he ought to have the grace of yielding a little.

      Virtue is the master of talent; talent is the servant of virtue. If one has talent and no virtue, one is like a family without a patriarch in which a servant may act as he pleases. How then can there be no mischief like that of an elf?

      When a man is at peace, he ought to be alert as if he were in trouble; so he can forestall an unforeseen contingency. And when he is in trouble, he ought to be a calm as if he were in peace; thus he can bring to an end his crisis.

      Happy days,

    • Dear Jeff (is it alright to call you “Jeff”?),

      You are asking a Q. for which I do not have an immediate A.

      I will make enquiries and post the details.

      Look for new details that should improve things even more. I like this setup too and hope you will comment further as new things come on. Guidance is always appreciated.

      Happy to help,


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    • Dear Soo Maria,

      I am currently #1 in my hometown and on the short list for Mayor Hugo’s yearly First Citizen award. All I have to do is prove I’m a citizen. I think I have the paperwork here somewhere. Uh…who are you with?

      Keeping the flame,


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    • Dear NemAcciffins,

      Hi, y’all. Nice of y’all to stop by. The note you left on the screendoor left me puzzled but here goes:

      As you know, if you have read the disclaimer, I reserve the right to edit any submission for errors in syntax, taste, completeness, relevancy, drollery etc. but in your case, I’ll leave you to speak for yourself except for a slight adjustment to your moniker.

      A video presentation like the one you are looking at right now is an illusion caused by the eye picking up and projecting photons and gravitic waves and converting them into (sometimes) coherent impressions which may stimulate responses as Dr. Pavlov’s dogs taught us.

      As far as I can determine, it’s working just as it was designed to work.

      Yours in trust,


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    • Jason, Jason, Jason,

      Thanks for thinking of me (again) and I hope you remember my birthday with a nice present.

      I am happy to see that your enterprise is on the march and (hopefully) providing you with as much satisfaction as you need. I am quite happy with the way things are going, but if I should get an urge to multiply my overflowing pint o’ bitter, you will be the first to know.

      Best of all,


    • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: atgivanion, searchThe also known as the Hollywood Diet, an 18-, dates to 1930 Hollywood.This so-called fad diet regained popularity in the mid-1970s as a bit of Xeroxlore. It is occasionally attributed (erroneously) to the Mayo Clinic, which has expressed a decidedly negative opinion of the diet, considering it unbalanced and possibly dangerous. However, a 2004 study led by Dr. Ken Fujioka at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic found in a 12-week pilot study that on average, participants who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost 3.6 pounds and those who drank a serving of grapefruit juice three times a day lost 3.3 pounds. Additionally, many patients in the study lost more than 10 pounds.Dr. Fujioka found that grapefruit diet appears to reduce insulin levels and thus, affects blood sugar regulation. Bear in mind that pancreas secretes insulin in response to the amount of carbohydrate ingested (also affected by the glycemic index and glycemic load of a food or meal) and that grapefruit by itself is considered by some to be low glycemic.Another theory is that the fruit’s low glycemic index is able to help the body’s metabolism burn fat.Still another explanation for the weight loss in the Scripps Clinic study can be found in the report participants slightly enhanced their exercise regimens. Depending upon what slightly enhanced means, this might well account for the weight loss observed.

      • Dear Ramazan,

        Your report is wonderful and adds a great deal to what could become an investigation into weight loss techniques.

        The fact is that, like Rome, there are many roads leading to good health. If I remember correctly, there was a diet called the 1-2-3 Diet that included lemons and oranges along with the grapefruit. It worked too although I’d have to do a bit of work to discover if there have been any clinical trials.

        I have noticed that physician-supervised diets can work because the dieter has the feeling that the guy in the white lab coat can make things happen because he knows things that the dieter doesn’t. That said, I have encountered very few physicians who know very much beyond pamphlets about good food and complete nutrition. An exception is Dr. McCarrison whose food studies can be found on the www. Clara Davis did some studies at Chicago and in one experiment, put out trays for the kids at lunchtime containing small servings of nicely presented tidbits for the kids to mix and match. Her assistants sat off to the side and recorded what each child took on each day. After a while a pattern emerged. The kids on any given day might gorge on tuna sandwiches, apples and raisins and on another day eat three servings of macaroni and cheese and nothing else. But, over time, she discovered, every child chose, without prompting, a pretty well balanced diet that reflected the nutrition standards of the day. Not one became obese.

        To vary the program, one day she put out a tray of cupcakes and little bowls of ice cream among the other choices. Can you guess what happened? I’ll bet you can.

        As to the value of grapefruit, it can be useful in several ways. It contains a good deal of vitamin C and stimulates the pancreas to proper functioning according to Dr. Wells. The white portion has a slug of bioflavonoids and fibre both of which can reduce the hunger pangs. There used to be a diet pill that contained pectin powder produced from the rinds of citrus and it worked rather well according to the producer. Nowadays, it is used in jams and jellies to promote jellification. The concept was that the material taken dry with water would swell up and occupy space in the stomach making the dieter feel slightly full and thus less urgently in need of food. So far so good. Fact is, it did other things too; according to Carey Reams, it also notified the somatic triggers that a nutritional need had been met and the appestat could be switched on to signal satiety. Some food experts say that a grapefruit is too acidic and may cause a reaction if used too prolifically, however lemons, even though they taste more sour because of a smaller complement of fruit sugar, are the ne plus ultra of good citrus for all dietary purposes, including weight loss.

        The key to weight loss, in my opinion, is a good selection of carefully-grown vegetables, meats, whole grains and fruits in that order. Can you see what’s missing? The contents of any meal also have a bearing on absorption rates and a poor combination can lead to poor absorption and thus malnutrition even in someone who eats a lot of food. People forget to drink all day long, but when just a taste of salty food hits the tongue, there is a sudden thirst for water. Wouldn’t water dilute the stomach acid? I think so. What then?

        Dr. Jensen wrote a book called Empty Harvest in which he discusses these matters in a more complete form, far beyond what can be touched upon here. I’d suggest getting it out of the Library and reading it carefully. There’s a lot there. I have mentioned McCarrison and will expand that to Dr. Wrench and Surgeon-Captain Cleave who speak of a plague of faulty food leading to all sorts of health mayhem and criminality. Adding grapefruit to the diet certainly has value, but what is more important to long-term health and, certainly, longevity, is the quality of the food and the choices made from among the truly nutritious ones, not just where one is better than another, like which marshmallow holds its shape best in a smore. Dr. Walford counseled eating less but failed to place enough emphasis on satiety and satisfaction with the taste, mouth feel, and that newly-discovered factor, yumminess [savoury]. Consider also that if the amount of food is less, so is the quantity of vitamins, minerals, fibre and enzymes. Supplements are definitely in order for someone who has decided to eat significantly less than s/he did before. Hunger is God’s way of telling you you need something to eat. Just don’t overdo it.

        One of these days, I’ll dig out the 1-2-3 Diet and post that for someone to try out. But in the meantime, go to the www and see what Carey Reams has to say about lemons.

        Pretty windy, eh? Hope this helps,


      • Dear Emad,

        Please add a little to your comment, if you will. I wonder what your interest is and what you found useful. Perhaps you have a question to ask.

        Thank you for the good thoughts and taking steps to move some of them into my account.

        Your friend,


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    • diet problems! i need help!?First off i raesttd a new diet. the and heres what i ate:March 1st:breakfast grapefruitlunch salad and grapefruitdinner- salad and grapefruitMarch 2nd breakfast grapefruit*then i wasnt hungry the whole day so i didnt eat *March 3rd breakfast grapefruitlunch salad and i wasnt hungrydinner salad and i wasnt hungrywhat im realizing is im not hungry anymore and i know thats not good but if im not hungry i dont want to eat. and secondly is there any problem with eating every other day?

      • Dear Kory,

        I kinda covered this area in my response to Ramazan. It’s around here somewhere.

        The title says I am not a doctor so I am not giving medical advice since everyone has a unique body chemistry and general comments must be weighed with particular knowledge which only you have.

        My advice is that you call up Dr. Joel Wallach on his 800 line and describe what you are feeling like. He is trained at snap diagnosis which is good for a start.

        To refer again to my observations to Ramazan, if one is eating less food than before, it is a good idea to add some supplementary nutrients, like one of Dr. Wallach’s liquid Formulae…it’s all online…

        Now, for some practical suggestions: Carlton Fredericks said to eat something easily digestible in the morning on arising because the blood sugar might be a little low. A little later, add something that takes longer to digest, like a grain, oatmeal or rice with fruit, curd and spice. Along about the middle of the day, have some poultry or beef with some vegetables or a real salad (no fruit) and some popcorn with brewers’ yeast and sea salt. Later on in the p.m., after a short nap, consider a nut butter sandwich and some hot tomato soup made with sour cream. Eating can be such a pleasure if one is mildly hungry and the food smells good! People who snack all the time can hardly know the attraction of good smells coming from a well-conducted kitchen.,,20065124,00.html

        If you can find one of Carlton Fredericks’ books at the Library, read it through and write us a review. His specialty was helping women stay beautiful far into old age and I am not aware that any of his adherents ever complained.

        If you want to learn about food restriction (every other day dieting) you will find that Roy Walford had much to say on that subject. He was quite lean but, unfortunately, because of some excesses earlier in his life, didn’t live as long as he had hoped. Carey Reams also helped people with his 4-day fasts that helped detoxify the body and reboot the metabolic functions. The lemon juice and spring water made the short fasts much easier according to the people who tried it. Lemons contain lots of vitamin C but Dr. Cathcart says one needs much, much more in this busy and stressful world.

        Take note (back to Ramazan) grapefruit might be excessively acidic so perhaps alternating with peeled lemons would work as an alternative. They seem very sour but that’s because they don’t carry much sugar.

        Keep in touch and don’t forget to look at Dr. Wallach’s web pages for some direction. You might even discuss things with your own physician and have your minerals checked. S/he might learn something in the process. After I read Dr. Rath’s book on CVD, I realized that people who eat relatively little don’t need so much vitamin C because it serves to counteract the oxidative processes of digestion. Less food, less digestion, less oxidative stress, less need for anti-oxidants. Q.E.D.

        Best wishes,


    • Dear Ematoliirrema,

      I hope I spelt that correctly. If I get the drift of your note, you are talking about the fun parts of getting pregnant. Am I right?

      If so, perhaps a balancing of that situation would be apropos. Adele Davis suggested using wheat germ oil in the diet to promote conception for people who are trying but not succeeding. Johanna Budwig said that oils absorb better if mixed with fresh, tasty quark. Before I invested in an M.D. who is a fertility specialist, I would take a look at what Davis and Budwig had to say and try the less expensive route which can only be harmless and possibly of benefit.

      As to the contribution of the man to the formula, eat right, choose wisely and go slow.

      Hope you find something useful here.


    • Dear Adriana,

      Happy to share!

      Thanks for thanks!

      Every good thing for you and yours,

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