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Dear Prof Marvel,

I hope you have been keeping up with all the sincere and wonderful comments I am receiving. If not, it’s too bad for you because you are missing out on a lot of goodwill which I find very meaningful and inspiring. I have selected examples out of the many I could have chosen to illustrate my point. Here’s one:

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I definitely wanted to write a quick word in order to thank you for all the wonderful pointers you are writing at this website. My incredibly long internet look up has at the end been paid with extremely good knowledge to share with my best friends. I would state that that we visitors actually are unequivocally blessed to exist in a superb network with so many lovely individuals with very helpful methods. I feel truly privileged to have seen the web page and look forward to tons of more brilliant minutes reading here. Thanks again for a lot of things!

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Undeniably, I believe that which you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be on the net the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider concerns that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the head and lined out the whole thing without inviting unwanted side-effects; people could take a clue. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

Dear Lindsay,

There will be more.

Today, I found an M.D. who said he would not object to vitamin C being used if the patient or the patient’s family asked for it. Believe it or not, that’s a breakthrough! I still haven’t found a professor (Ph. D.) who knows why the Theory of Columbian Priority is being taught in schools. Johannessen is nailing that rotten cadaver tighter in his coffin every day. That’s the one that says Christ’r Columbus was the first European to lay eyes on America. They diffidently concede that the stout Vikings might have made it to Maritime Canada and the Khumry (called the Kimmeroi by the Greeks) as far West as Niagara Falls, but they didn’t stay long and certainly didn’t effect a Regime Change of lasting consequence.

Success is where you find it and how you define it.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Your friend,


Now, for all of you who have requested it (and anybody else), here is the
One True Iced (or Hot) Tea Beverage I recommend.
If you follow the recipe exactly, I guarantee you will be inspired to write more posts for this informative and useful website:


Arne’s Family Tea™

Arne Torvaldsen’s™ Original Old Family Recipe for a Restorative Organic Tea
In the Wintertime it is served like Hot Apple Cider or a Hot Buttered Rum.
In the Summer when the mint is fresh, it is served out of doors with ice.

If you want to buy the Commercial Version, the producer must meet the standards set out below so you can be sure of what you’re getting. Some people like to do it themselves and it’s not that hard, even Grandma Torvaldsen can do it if someone else will make the ice. The recipe shown below is missing a key ingredient so we can keep the secret. If you want the key ingredient, just drop Perpetual Applications a line or an email and they will send you enough for 4 batches at a very reasonable price with shipping and handling. Some people will do without for reasons of economy and more power to ’em, I say!

Favorite Tea of Rute Knocknee™ and other Landed Hyperboreans™

The Base is Your Favorite Tea (see below for specifics)
add freshly squeezed juice of one half a lemon
add one half teaspoon of dull vitamin C crystals (Trader Joe’s)
add enough raw honey to neutralize the sourness
add a pinch of sea salt from Brittany
add two sprigs of fresh mint from near the faucet (crushed)
add a dash or two of Angostura bitters (recipe is a secret) or
Recipes you can substitute:

Jerry Thomas’ Decanter Bitters Recipe
(Bottle and serve in pony-glass) Take ¼ pound of raisins (golden are best) 2 ounces of cinnamon (Zeylanicum vera is best) 1 ounce of snake-root (has other names) 1 lemon and 1 orange cut in slices (grapefruit is also good) 1 ounce of cloves (don’t be tempted to use oil) 1 ounce of allspice
Not part of Jerry’s recipe: 1 handful Norway spruce needles (Picea abies)
Place in decanter, cover ingredients with the best rum you can afford and wait long enough for All to become One

The anchor recipe created by Paracelsus is good too and is everywhere used in Europe.
It is made the same way as Jerry’s except the medium is either aquavit or Polish plum brandy.
10 gm. aloe
5 gm. myrrh
0.2 gm. Saffron 10 gm. Senna leaves 10 gm. Camphor**(natural, white) 10 gm. Rhubarb roots 10 gm. Manna (not sure what this is but it might be mannose from Brazil) 10 gm. Theriac Venezian 5 gm. Carline Thistle roots 10 gm. Angelica roots 10 gm. Zedoary roots

Choice of tea to use.
Of course, you own favorite tea is a good place to start, but if you want to follow in the Torvaldsens’ footsteps, you will surely experiment with their favorite which is Tieguanyin tea, carried on small horses, overland from far beyond the Realm of the Gobi Sand Mignons. If the tea cask is empty and the Torvaldsens have to scrounge, any Ceylon Black tea will do almost as well and probably no one will notice (except Grandma Torvaldsen). Since the premium cinnamon you want comes from Ceylon too, there might be a connection there, Arne doesn’t know.

The bitters is made on an alcoholic base and adds a bit of something the teetotalers would rather avoid, but if you wait until they go, you can add some triple sec and some rum or whiskey without exceeding the Torvaldsens’ moral compass. The bitters is just there for the flavor and a modicum of stimulation although Jerry serves it as if it were a liqueur. There are some bitters recipes from Eastern Europe that are positively nasty but these two are very pleasant and have a good effect on the soma as well as the psyche. There’s one also from Canada, but is is so mild it will never get you a date. Grandma Torvaldsen thinks it tastes like string beans and she would know.

The Arne Torvaldsen™ Brand is (of course) a trademark © copyrighted according to the prevailing standards and licensed to Perpetual Applications for all time or as long as the quarters keep dropping into the meter anyway. Arne’s brother Arvid is a sad case. When he was a kid he raided the cookie jar and look where it led him. When the party’s ended, he’s always under the table snoring like a reindeer in rut. Don’t be like him, will you? [Perpetual Applications informs me that they are as yet unready to provide the Secret Ingredient because the only one who has the combo to the safe is on assignment. Stay tuned. —DrP.]

Skill-testing questions:
If an antient author calls an Earth-grazing comet “God” and attributes all kinds of murder and mayhem to “Him” do you dismiss the accurate description of a genuine comet because you’re an atheist?
Always Often Occasionally Infrequently Rarely Never

Can engineers practice geography and geomorphology? Can geographers practice public health? Can physicians practice religion? Can insurance executives practice medicine?
Always Often Occasionally Infrequently Rarely Never

Who made those old maps and how were they able to get it right without general aviation?

California As An Island [found on the www.]

Fact or Fable?

by Don Kennedy [a genius, really… —Ed.]

California As An Island – The Lake and the Rio Del Norte
California As An Island – The Mouth of the Rio del Norte
California as an Island – The Wasatch Mountains
California as an Island – the Rocky Mountains
California as an Island – the Gulf of California eastern shore
California as an Island – Into the Channel: the four islands
California as an Island – Into the Channel: connecting the channel to the gulf
California as an Island – Into the Channel: The north end of the passage
California as an Island – Central California Coast
California as an Island – Southern California and Upper Baja Coast
California as an Island – Lower Baja California coast
California As An Island – How this project came together
California As An Island – Background on Johannes Vingboons and his map
California as an Island – Closing remarks
California As An Island – What this site is all about

Some time in the past, before the ice age, most of western North America (and probably the whole world) was accurately mapped by a technologically advanced people. Who these people were and what technology they used is lost to us, but their maps remain as evidence that they did indeed accomplish the task. These ancient source maps were used by mapmakers in the 1600 to 1700s to fill in the vast unknown areas on the western side of North America. The recent mapmakers had no idea what was there, nor did anyone else, but they had source maps that showed the area as an island and they used them to fill in the gaps.

When were these source map made? They had to be made before the end of the ice age, because at the end of the ice age, the great ice dam holding back water in a huge lake finally gave way and the Grand Canyon was carved in just a few weeks. The Grand Canyon does not appear on any maps of California as an island that I have found, and is certainly not on the map used for this study, the Vingboons map of 1651. In fact, on the Vingboons map, two rivers cross the location of the Grand Canyon. This creates a problem, because the ice age supposedly reached a maximum 18,000 years ago (see Wikipedia article), putting the date for modern man well before that. This pushes the date back into the realm of the Neanderthals [and Cro-Magnons], or even into the Paleolithic period, when we were supposed to be only capable of using stone tools.

An even greater problem is that the map also had to predate the uplift of the Nevada-Utah-Wyoming area that followed the end of the latest continental drift event in North America. (see Wikipedia, Farallon plate) According to continental drift theory, when the continents spread apart, the North America continental plate was pushed over an oceanic plate, which was forced down into the mantle of the earth. The lighter minerals floated up against the bottom of North America, under the Nevada-Utah-Wyoming area. This area was lifted up from sea level (at least in Nevada, where the map shows where the sea encroached) to over 7,000 feet elevation in central Nevada, and similarly across all three states. The routes of rivers changed. The Rio Grande, shown on the Vingboons map as the Rio de Norte, which used to flow into the Gulf of California, was forced to flow to the Gulf of Mexico. The map places a geologically recent date on continental uplift, the uplift having happened after the map was made, putting it within the historical presence of humans on earth. Unfortunately, geology dates the North American continental drift events to the Jurassic period, 200,000,000 to 150,000,000 years ago. How will Science deal with the loss of 150,000,000 years? Since it requires abandoning a well entrenched worldview, it is most likely that the vast majority of academia will simply ignore this study and its implications.

In the following series of articles, I analyze the Johannes Vingboons “California as an Island” map area by area. We will see that the makers of the original map possessed a detailed knowledge of the geography of western North America. Correlation of features on the map to actual locations demonstrates that the map is very accurate. After the analysis of the map I have included some information on the historical mapmaking and exploration of this area by the Spanish after the arrival of Columbus. The Spanish were extremely slow to explore this area, and the information they had was not allowed to be made public because they needed to protect information on their trade routes from their competitors. Vingboons was not using Spanish information to present California as an island.

These articles are my work and the result of my research. I have referenced all the sources I have used. None of these sources presents “California as an Island” as anything more than a myth.

I graduated from UCLA in 1976 from the School of Engineering. I followed the course of study in chemical engineering. I was introduced to the whole topic of California as an island in about 2008 by Cliff Paiva, who was also researching the locations of features on the map. We have taken different paths in our efforts to decipher the map, but I much appreciate Cliff’s getting me started.

If you have any questions regarding these articles, you can email me at

Don Kennedy


Dear Don,

Bravo! Wonderful site and a great read. [ ]

I saw a Professor on television the other day and wish I had been more attentive. She was from Long Beach or San Diego and was talking about the diet of the inhabitants of the channel islands. She said her excavations reveal remains of ocean species used for food which would have required a sophisticated a level of technological achievement to catch and retrieve that was far above what the Spaniards found when they first arrived in Alta California. She didn’t venture a guess as to what might have happened to the earlier culture but, if we have evidence that California was an island in a previous era, then the catastrophe that joined it to the mainland would have had consequences for the people who were living there at the time.

A professor friend of mine whom I asked what had happened to the alluvial material which was eroded to make the Grand Canyon, stated, without hesitation, that it was all subducted at the head of the Sea of Cortez by plate tectonics. Had you ever heard that one before? I hadn’t…and I’m still looking for the many square miles of relocated earth that was moved from the Grand Canyon as it was formed. It could easily be in the strait of California that formerly separated the Island from the Mainland.

Have you seen the graphic evidence from Scripps of comet or asteroid strikes in the Channel? I have read a hypothesis that suggests that an Earth-grazing comet with companions could cause a mantle wave and impact sites if our imaginations allowed us to get beyond the Standard Uniformitarian Model. Imagine, for a moment, that a comet is passing over the Pacific from West to East and lifting the crust as it goes. When the crustal wave hits the continental structure, it breaks, and either bumps Island California against the Coast or lifts it sufficiently to elevate the Central Valley above sea level and cause the water to drain out of the strait. It is still settling back to this day. Does the San Andreas Fault have some resemblance to the Old Coastline on the surviving maps? The Mohave Depression was less affected but was still cut off from its access to the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps the substructure tilted down thereabouts.

It will be a long time before your scholarship and insight find official acceptance. I’m afraid Orthodox Scholars have a difficult time separating themselves from early influences and will ignore your brilliant thesis for the foreseeable future. Their faith that California Island was a folly waiting to be corrected by enlightened scientists is all too comfortable and self-serving to be discarded any time soon. I surmise that your training as an engineer spared you the Geographical and Cartographic Certainties that govern their judgement. You are a lucky man indeed. Perhaps you heard about Bucky Fuller’s poor eyesight as a child? He couldn’t see well enough to apprehend ubiquitous rectangular structures so he had to use his hands to “see” what worked. Triangles were what worked, not squares and rectangles. And so he got a unique “look” at a world without squares through his defective eyesight.

Keep up the good work!

If you have any objections to my posting one of your pages on my site, please speak up and I will take immediate action.

Thanks for your time,


8 thoughts on “Think about it.

    • Dear Poli,

      Thanks for the favorable review. I am planning to add some things in the next few days. Stay alert.

      I believe that nurses can make a difference. My views about health are not mainstream but I do think that nurses can lead the way and bring reluctant M.D.’s along.

      And, thanks for caring,

      Yer friend in health, vitality and vigor,


      • The good Doctor* replies to his own reply: Legal? Ask the President.

        I posted a comment about an M.D. who has acceded to logic and science and says that he will not interfere with the use of vitamin C if the hospitalized patient or the family requests it. Since the pharmacy stocks it and Dr. Riordan’s Protocol (with cautions) is published on the www, the M.D. is on solid ground with everyone except the petropharmaexecutives who are keeping the gate secured.
        FOR NURSES:

        Historically, Dr. Fred Klenner, after a great deal of positive experience, directed the ER nurses to hook up a vitamin C drip (buffered) to all of his arriving patients regardless of the complaint. In a multitude of cases, by the time Dr. Klenner arrived at the hospital, the patient’s symptoms were resolved and s/he was sent home. Klenner has published many papers on patient assessment and how to end-run iatrogenic complications (q.v.).

        Well, well… Is there any more to say on the subject?

        *N.B. doctor, rabbi, guru, mentor and teacher mean the same thing (see Worcester). Because of Institutional Professionalism (IP), introduced hereabouts at the turn of the century (19th to 20th) the “title” has a particular usage which identifies a physician who is “Board Certified”. I use the word in the traditional sense and not in the alternative or complementary sense of a Medicinæ Doctor or Medical practitioner who is licensed and permitted by the state to supervise and serve the for-profit “health” industry.

    • Melissa:Welcome! I bet you used google Language Tools. Are you the girl in the first piutrce? I thought both of you are from UCSB, and I used your piutrce to show that this is quite common in Isla Vista.You are beautiful.

  1. Hello There. I found your page using msn. This is a really well written page. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.

      • It is so funny. Maybe you refused the invitation at Thanksgiving because your wife and kid were coming. Real estate is rocketing higher in SB. So you can feel better when you return to China. At least you get a better house out of it. But compared to Northeastern and Great Lakes region, the weather is much better and you won’t worry about driving in storms in winter.

  2. That Japanese athlete has won 5 times in a row and just broke his own world record. Someone named Wang Dekui cited Li Miao’s article to support his so called ‘triple spin’ theory, like another version of FLG. I don’t know if he has contacted with Li Miao but it is confusing. I think Li Miao needs to explain in more detail otherwise people are likely to be mislead.

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