Dear Friends,

I am wondering what to do with a certain kind of post, comment or reply that is interesting and provokes my curiosity but which looks like it might gum up the works if I let it in. We have standards here, as you know.

So here’s the heading of a submission I have received, but no body, inasmuch as I have deleted it. There is enough here so that any of you who are feeling courageous can follow up and get back to the rest of us about what it is and if it is a member of the Mills Family trying to be heard. It might be important.

This came in today:

Author : Skefegect (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
Comment: [truncated to zero]

Here is my advice for Skefagect or his alter ego, Pib Wam Vio Mill. Get help!

You might find some assistance here:

Best of everything good,

Yours truly,